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Town Board Minutes
Aug 18, 2010

TOWN OF LIBERTY GROVE. SECOND AUGUST BOARD MEETING. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2010. At the Town Hall, the meeting was properly noticed.

1. Call to order
2. Declaration of quorum
3. Pledge of allegiance
4. Adopt agenda
5. Approve minutes: 8/4 Board
6. Treasurer report
7. Public input
8. Committees/commissions—reports, including:
A. Highway: Including rustic road request and 4 way stop request
B. Waterfront: Including procedures to implement stairway at Port des Morts park
9. Town Roads:
A. Consider recommendation to pass resolution to begin process of designating Isl View, Northern Door & Skaugum Roads as rustic roads
B. Consider recommendation to implement 4-way stop at Garrett Bay and Old School Road intersection
10. Waterfront Committee: Consider request to authorize committee to proceed with permitting, engineering and funding search for stairway at Port des Morts park
11. Approval of operator licenses
12. Correspondence
13. Future meetings
14. Payment of bills
15. Adjourn

Chairman Lowry called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Also attending: Supervisors Miller, Tidball, F. Forkert, Goss, Treasurer Johnson, Clerk/Administrator Kalms, and 20 citizens. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Miller/Goss to adopt the agenda as published. Carried 5-0.
Tidball/Forkert to approve the 8/4 board minutes. Carried 5-0.

Treasurer report:

Bay Lake Municipal Checking 711,319.79
Bond 54,905.52
Checking 37,796.60
Totals 7/31/10 804,021.91

Goss/Miller to approve the treasurer report. Carried 5-0.

Public input. Several citizens asked to speak on a number of items.

Committee reports. Highway. Miller reported: Bike plan is in the works; no action on the Street building in the right of way; nothing new on crosswalks in Ellison Bay; paving Pebble Beach road will be taken care of at budget time; citizens may also be liable for objects in the right of way on their land; referred rustic road status up to the Board level. Waterfront. Forket said the committee has met with the Neptune’s Dive Club, who is offering to fund the stairway at Port des Morts Park; are asking Board permission to work on the plan. John Touscany said the stairway is to service all people, not just the divers. Jim Maronek: should be a hierarchy of roads with selective treatment and don’t cut any trees. Lee Telfer: a 4 way stop at Garrett Bay & Old School Road may make traffic go faster; put a bicycle/walking lane in; this road would not qualify for 25 mph; educate pedestrians on walking; Garrett Bay is highly traveled, is a collector road. Carole Maronek; Christy letter talks about all Town roads.

Rustic road (RR) status for Isle View, Northern Door, Skaugum roads. Miller said Dan Fedderly is a RR vice chairman and is involved with improvements and requirements; there is only one chance, if the request is turned down, that ends it. K. Mazeski: support by residents on road; RR is revenue neutral; County highway commissioner works with homeowners on County RR’s. Forkert felt it wise to bring in Mr. Fedderly. Tidball wondered about repairs afterward. S. Olson would like a lower speed limit. C. Alt would like to hear that the Board supports a RR. Lowry said if the substructure is not improved, we will need to do it again & again; he suggested putting this on the September 15 agenda or having a special meeting to meet the October 1 deadline for RR status application; there are no immediate plans to do anything.

4-way stop at Garrett Bay & Old School intersection. Tidball asked L. Telfer what would solve the problem. Telfer: a walking path; there are 17 roads leading into Garrett Bay road. Lowry mentioned a flashing caution, and the bike study is coming. Forkert moved, Tidball second to table the 4-way stop at Garrett Bay & Old School Road. Carried 5-0. Forkert moved, Lowry second to install a flashing caution light and appropriate sign. Motion failed 2-3 with Goss, Miller, & Forkert nay. Consensus was to have Jay Olson decide on an appropriate sign.

Waterfront Committee request. Lowry moved, Tidball second to authorize the waterfront committee to proceed with engineering, funding and permitting for a stairway to the water at Port des Morts Park. Carried 5-0.

Operator license. Lowry moved, Goss second to approve the operator license application for A. Farah. Carried 5-0.

Miller/Tidball to pay bills as presented. Carried 5-0. The M. Till bills were held out; Tidball and Lowry will meet with Till to review the activity listed on the two submittals for post office work.

Lowry/Miller to adjourn. Carried 5-0. 8:50 PM.

Approved by the Town Board on September 1, 2010.
Walter L. Kalms, Clerk/Administrator

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